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I adore SH games, and I enjoyed the film. Especially in this foggy night of north London, which coincides with the atmosphere in the game.

But there is something missing in this film adaptation. SH horror is fundamentally based on psychological aspects toward heaven and hell inspired from film Jacob's Ladder, blended with Demonology and dark American folklore flavours. The filmmakers paid a lot attentions on the look and camera work to re-create game-play stimulation, but missed out the suspenseful sound effects and the true essence of the game - the ambiguity relations between characters and monsters, the hidden puzzles of mysterious Silent Hill nature, and the dark humour towards the whole insanity, those made the game appealing. Besides a cinema experience would never be the same as a single player gaming experience, therefore the film seemed less shocking nor scary for me.

Nevertheless I think the film is still pretty enjoyable. I also respect it as a filmmaker's contribution to the original SH story, appears to be intriguing and entertaining. Although I felt that Yamaoka should have composed a new set of soundtracks instead of using all the songs from the game series.

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沈默之丘電影: 好看之餘美中不足 (7/10分)

電影晚場出來在北倫敦的大霧之中, 彷彿又身處沈默之丘遊戲場景. 感覺我已將遊戲的狂熱投注為觀賞其電影版的享受.

然而好看之餘仍有美中不足. 沈默之丘遊戲架構出來的恐怖氛圍乃源於多處, 尤其深受電影'雅各天梯 (Jacob's Ladder)'對天國與地獄於精神層面的意義之說所啟示, 另取材於魔鬼論說及美國民間怪談等等. 電影版對遊戲的忠實多著墨於美術及攝影技巧, 可惜未能在原作精髓下工夫 - 好比各角色與怪物間模稜兩可的關係, 層層謎題下隱晦不明的沈默之丘正體, 以及不時蹦出來嘲笑現實的黑色幽默. 也不見遊戲中營造精神恐懼感的寂靜和懸疑音效元素. 此外, 相較於觀賞電影和單人遊戲經驗的不同本質, 我難以對本片情節感到恐懼或是震撼.

我視電影版為製片者對遊戲原作的另一種詮釋, 有它自己的另一番風味. 不過我認為山岡晃實在該為電影譜全新曲目的, 而不是只拿遊戲系列的原聲帶來用.