30 Dec - Silent Hill 1 soundtrack!

Silent Hill遊戲一代的原聲帶今天比預期的提早到了
從美國的Amazon挖到的 雖然說是翻版的但還是挺高興的
1> 以前用P2P分享軟體上網抓過 花太多時間且總抓不齊
2> 自己用iTunes的AAC格式轉錄為M4P檔比一般抓來的MP3檔音質好 (我現在大多用AAC的192kbps去壓)
3> 雖然Konami出的DVD "Lost Memories"有全部的曲子 但只能隨DVD播放無法轉錄 (其實也是想收SH的日版CD..)

For all the fans of Silent Hill, have you ever wondered where to find all the music in the games which is not on the soundtrack CDs? Here is an excellent site where you can find a fine collection of SH 1 & 2 music in game.
On the same site there is some music pieces composed by a fan who's inspired by Akira Yamaoka, as eerie as the OSTs.