"In the strange world of the Supermarkedonians nothing may be what it seems. The people who inhabit it could just be representations of places you know very well … in fact you probably visited one of them today …"

The Supermarkedonians is a collaborative project based on an idea I had in mind. The true meaning of this project will become apparent if you look carefully, especially for those who is residing in the United Kingdom.

Here are my four Supermarkedonians:

"Rose seemed destined to represent her namesake. Her parents were very poor and her only plaything as a child was a small plot of land. She spent most of her early years growing flowers. As the decades passed this horticultural spirit developed into a passion and people came from far and wide for her fragrant blooms. Monarchies quickly flocked to her and paid through the nose for her products. Now she is almost royalty herself, a queen of roses."

"It is not known exactly when Morris came down from on high. An ethereal, godlike figure, he goes from country to country preaching what he calls the 'safe way'. The large knife he carries isn't a weapon, it's for serving butter to whomever he may meet. Consequently he has a large collection of followers who are always carrying bread. Are they following the 'safe way' or just the free butter?"

"The jangle of coinage heralds Cossatta's arrival. Constantly on the lookout for a kind soul willing to part with some money for charity, she travels only along beaches and cliffs on her roller skates. Indeed, some who have seen her scale sheer cliffs wearing them claim they are magical. A deep connection ties her to the sea and she can never be too far from it or she will grow weak and feeble."

"Surely the strangest of the Supermarkedonians, Coop prefers the company of animals to people. Some think that Coop isn't part of our physical world at all, but nature itself made flesh. It's also said that this being is made of amorphous composite parts, only collected together to give us something to see and talk to. A rabbit called Buva, his closest companion, follows Coop everywhere and you'll never see this character without a cup of tea."

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There are total 12 Supermarkedonians between three artists. You can now find out which one is your character by taking this very simple online quiz! Welcome to share with us using #SMDTLO.

Here is a gift from the Supermarkedonians, a free desktop picture to download. Just click on the image below and then save the opened picture:

Check out the other eight Supermarkedonians from Liona and Oniphoenix. The introduction text and character backstories are written by Mablox.

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