Flag of Taiwan at Piccadilly Circus, London 2012

National flag of Taiwan (ROC) appeared briefly at Piccadilly Circus, it was soon replaced with "Chinese Taipei" Olympic flag ahead of the Olympics. This is part of the cross-Strait and political status of Taiwan controversies.

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China (ROC), is a democratic sovereign state in East Asia. Because of its complex political background constrained with imposed claims by China (PRC) under "One China" principle, Taiwan has been repressed and limited internationally and is officially recognised by only a small number of states. However, Taiwan maintains unofficial relations with most other countries and is de facto recognised by most sovereign states.

The term "Taiwan, Province of China" propagandised by China (PRC) and adopted by the UN and the ISO is both diminishing and incorrect, it is considered offensive by Taiwan. Contrary to PRC’s claims, Taiwan has never been part of its territory. Separately, there has been Taiwan independence movement advocating a distinct Taiwanese identity to replace current ROC’s framework based on Chinese nationalism, therefore to achieve de jure independence from the ROC. China (PRC) strongly opposes such move and repeats military threat as a means to enforce its “reunification” goal.