Deity of Spirituality

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The story of the Twin Deities of Humanity

Since their inception, the fate of mortals was in the balance. Ma'at, goddess of Truth and Justice, bestowed the responsibility of governing over how mortals will define their existence, to her twin daughters. Ma'at decreed that they will both experience life in the mortal world, and at the end of that experience, they will be judged before her by the weighing of the heart.

The Deity of Spirituality

On their arrival, one of sisters grew more connected with all living things in the mortal world. As the years passed, her connection with nature was a reminder of her spiritual origins. Though she enjoys her mortal experience, she would only take and use only what was necessary to sustain her mortal existence, and gave back in return to maintain the cycle of nature. Unlike her sister who wanted her to take advantage of their mortal experience, she was conscious of the temptations, over indulgence and negativity of the mortal world that can weaken the spirit. Saddened by being less connected with her sister, they both pursued their own paths.

After years of obtaining the understanding of 'self', knowledge and oneness with all living things that inhabit the mortal world, the sister who pursued her spiritual origins, believed that mortals have the potential to return back to the spiritual path, and obtain the knowledge that they are not limited by their mortal forms that act as vessels for their mortal experience, and understanding that a greater journey lies ahead for those that chose the spiritual path over materialism that has no substance, self fulfilment or connection with creation.

Once her mortal experience had come to pass, the sister who journeyed on the spiritual path, stood before Ma'at to be judged by the weighing of the heart. She had passed the 42 confessions, granting her passage back to the spiritual world. Ma'at was pleased by the knowledge and maturity her daughter had obtained through her mortal experience, and appointed her Deity of Spirituality to form one side of the mortals humanity.

Deity of Materiality

To be continued...

Possession and enlightenment. Materiality and Spirituality. The twin sisters of humanity. As both govern the paths of mortals, it is the choice of mortals alone to decide their own destiny.

Written by Oniphoenix
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