Sigma DP2 is a compact digital camera featuring an unique DSLR quality Foveon X3 direct image sensor, a fixed 24.2 mm (35 mm equivalent 41 mm) f/2.8 lens, and the capability to record image data in RAW and JPEG formats (but not at the same time). It has become my camera of choice despite many limitations and drawbacks (such as: slow autofocus and performance in general; no zoom for single focal length; needed an extra lens and hood adapter for close-up photography; very slow RAW processing for its X3F file format in Sigma's current Photo Pro 3 software).

Click on below images taken by Sigma DP2 for their shooting information. The cropped images are their actual size.

Below images show two examples of RAW image adjustment comparison in Sigma Photo Pro 3.3 (for Macintosh). Click on the images for more details.

SIGMA DP2: Sample Photo Gallery on the official website