Random Access Narrative look-alike

When recently came across Rory’s Story Cubes® I was really surprised, because of its resemblance of my MA major project Random Access Narrative (RAN) in 2006, as if someone took the idea from our degree show without notice. But at the same time I understand it is possible that someone was thinking along a similar line. I am glad to see the idea is now proven valuable.

It is interesting to compare their development, journeyed from early Rubik’s Cube attempt to later six-sided cubes for the design solution, to my RAN project. I was focusing more on the development of the visual contents rather than the form, which took shape in the relatively earlier stage of my project development.

The RAN project was initially conceived for the purpose of an alternative storytelling method as I am from comics, illustration/ graphic design background. It's intriguing to know that, someone else is developing and utilising the cubes as an aid for solving a broader range of problems. It's also good to see their expansions to the story cubes such as the "picto-verbs" version and a digital application.

It will be really interesting to see how various professional disciplines practise creative methods as such to shape the future.