London comICA events 2004: Manga Live! season

2004年九月於英國倫敦, 我有幸應邀參與於當代藝術中心舉辦的'Manga Live!'雙日漫畫座談會, 講述創作經驗並發表個人作品集'有熊式 混英集'.

主辦人: Paul Gravett ('Manga - Sixty Years of Japanese Comics'一書作者)

Kiriko Kubo (玖保老師)
Kan Takahama (於法國出版的漫畫家高浜寬)
Hisaki Sakurai (漫畫家筆名櫻水樹)
Misako Rocks (於美國發表作品的日本漫畫家)
Ivan Okay (美國獨立唱作藝人)
Takashi Makita (藝術家)
Mitsuba Wajima
Rogue Farm (日式蘇格蘭動畫)
Boychild Productions (漫畫出版社)

London comICA events 2004: Manga Live! season

I (as known as 'puppetbear') was lucky enough to be invited to talk at this two-day event at ICA. Many thanks to the curator: Paul Gravett (author of 'Manga - Sixty Years of Japanese Comics')

A list of artists at this event:
Kiriko Kubo (Japanese mangaka)
Kan Takahama (Nouvelle mangaka)
Hisaki Sakurai (mangaka aka Sakura Mizuki)
Misako Rocks (mangaka in USA)
Ivan Okay (indie pop musician from USA)
Takashi Makita (artist in UK)
Mitsuba Wajima
Rogue Farm (Scottish anime)
Boychild Productions (comic production company)


"The popularity of manga and other Japanese pop-cultural forms in East and South-East Asian countries, in particular Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan was also reflected at this event by the presence of the Taiwanese artist Puppetbear, who graphically demonstrated the visual impact made possible by the use of computer software in manga production."
Karl Pell


ICA: Institute of Contemporary Arts

ICA entrance

ICA Bookshop

Paul Gravett with writer Sean Michael Wilson (Boychild Productions)

Paul, Sean and Kiriko Kubo (right)

Kan Takahama (2nd right) and her model Mariko (right)

Hisaki Sakurai (right)

Misako Rocks (2nd right) and Ivan Okay (right)

Me and Takashi Makita (right)

Me and Paul at 2nd day's 'Manga Masterclass'

Manga Live! flyer